Exploring Wynwood: Miami’s Art District

Exploring Wynwood: Miami’s Art District

As a born and raised Florida girl, I’ve road tripped from the east coast (where I’m from) over the the west coast of my state more times than I can count. From the unbeatable nightlife, culture, cuisine and of course, the beach, a trip to Miami never disappoints! But aside from hitting up south beach or heading to one of the best EDM festivals in the world, there’s another area of Miami you NEED to see. If you’re a fan of all things colorful and whimsical, or if you love impromptu photo shoots (calling all basic girls… Myself included), visiting Wynwood is an absolute must.


Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t in my favor on the day I chose to roam the streets of Wynwood, but I didn’t let dark skies rain on my parade (literally). Actually, I sometimes prefer overcast skies for photography purposes. Who knew I was such an optimist?!

wynwood doors

With an umbrella in hand, I made my way over to the most iconic area, the Wynwood Walls. It turns out, NOBODY was there because of the weather… AKA I must be crazy. You can’t tell, but it’s drizzling in this shot. Confirmed: I’ll do anything for a good photo. This is also where you can find the colorful striped mural in the featured image of this post.

wynwood miami

This mural of baby Hulk is a crowd favorite. I adore the way it flows onto the pavement to create a water effect.

wynwood murals

miami wynwood

miami street art

wynwood walls

If you choose to visit the iconic Wynwood Walls, I challenge you to venture out beyond the enclosed area to see some of the beautiful murals pictured below among countless others. There are many galleries to explore as well, and believe it or not, Wynwood is home to some pretty awesome breweries. On my next visit, I plan to go on a beer crawl. Some of the spots I’ve been told to hit up are KUSH Wynwood, The Butcher Shop, Wynwood Brewing Co., Gramps, J Wakefield Brewing, and Boxelder Craft Beer Market.

wynwood miami

wynwood color

wynwood bob marley

miami art

wynwood art

wynwood walls

miami wynwood walls

wynwood street art

miami mural


Do you plan on taking a trip to Wynwood? Which mural is your favorite? Connect with me in the comments!


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