What Not to Miss When Glamping in Marfa: Guest Post

What Not to Miss When Glamping in Marfa: Guest Post

This post was written by Molly O’Conner of the blog Molly on the Move! I’m a huge fan of her instagram, @_hot_tamolly_. If you love bright, colorful photos, you need to check her out! Anyway, I was super intrigued when I saw her posts about glamping in Marfa as I’d never heard of this Texas getaway spot before. Needless to say, I’m now dying to visit! Here are Molly’s top recommendations:

When driving eight hours to an off-the-grid city in the middle of the Texas desert, remember to keep in mind that small towns don’t keep the same hours as any other city would. After a road trip with a stop at the Monahans Sandhills, my friend and I entered into the welcoming city of Marfa, Texas to discover that many places would not be open during our limited stay there. Luckily, we were able to snag a table at Jett’s Grill that night, stay at El Cosmico and gaze at the Prada Marfa Art Installation. I have compiled a list of what not to miss in Marfa, based off of both our experiences and reviews read online:

Glamping Marfa

1. El Cosmico: A 21-acre campground covered in tents, yurts, teepees and more, El Cosmico is perfect for a night’s stay. Encouraging camaraderie with those around you by offering communal kitchens and bathrooms, a smattering of brightly colored hammocks, and stage for occasional concerts, this accommodation will leave you thirsty for more of that natural, roughin-it lifestyle. Hello, glam camping.

Prada Marfa

2. Prada Marfa: An art installation that practically screams “Instagram me!”, the Prada store is a unique sight located about 30 miles away from Marfa. Described as a “pop architectural land art project” by creators Elmgreen and Dragset, this was designed to resemble a Prada store, but will never be shopped.

3. Food Shark: So bummed to have missed out on this food truck due to its peculiar hours, Food Shark serves up Mediterranean dishes that seemingly leave everyone impressed. Go for the Marfalafel or the sampler.

4. Chinati: The Chinati Foundation is a contemporary art museum and features works of art from a variety of artists. Artist Donald Judd brought to life his dream of combining art, architecture, and nature together as a coherent whole here.

5. Do Your Thing Coffee: If you are into calm baristas, excellently crafted coffee, and a hipster feel, Do Your Thing Coffee is the place for you. Attached to a bookstore, this shop could easily be overlooked if you aren’t looking for it. I recommend ordering one of the toasts!

6. Marfa Burrito: Better brush up on your Spanish before heading to this one. While surrounded by locals, enjoy free coffee and freshly made burritos from inside a woman’s home who speaks very limited English. Make sure to visit an ATM before though, as they will only accept cash.

7. Freda: Freda is the cutest little lifestyle store you will ever come across. Shop jewelry, clothes, paper goods and art all locally made. Freda is a little nook full of treasures, so you definitely don’t want to miss this while in Marfa.


Make sure to check times on all of these places before venturing out into the desert. I recommend going on a Friday or Saturday because most places seemed to be open then.

– Molly O’Conner.

Be sure to check out more from Molly on her blog, Molly on the Move! If you’re interested in a guest post on Blonde Well Traveled, contact me here. Happy travels!