Flatiron Feels

Flatiron Feels

My first encounter with the Flatiron building was a brief stint during one of my summer visits in college. It stuck out at me, warranted a photo or two, and then I was on my way, not giving it another thought until instagramming it that evening and soon after letting it fade from my memory until my next NYC trip.

Today, this building means so much more to me than I could’ve imagined. Not because of its beauty, obscure shape or notoriety,  but because it symbolizes a new chapter in my life– one full of every emotion imaginable.

I moved to the city just one day prior to starting my first full time job, and barely got to see the light of day after moving into my apartment. The next morning, I woke excited– anxious, really. I mapped out my walk to work with plenty of time to account for getting lost, and finally spotted the Flatiron building, from which my office is only a few short steps away. I remember looking up at it with the most ambivalent feeling. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. It was the most alive I’d felt in a while.

Since that day, I’ve watched this building take on a new persona with every season. From the colorful leaves that whip around its base during the fall; to the stormy winter days that offer a sublime grey backdrop; and now perhaps my favorite of all, the blue skies and budding flowers that cascade around its triangular body, creating a new image with each step.

Flatiron is like a friend that I don’t always have to acknowledge to know it’s there. It’s a familiar face that greets me on my way to and from work, and while some days I hardly notice it, on others, I look up at it in awe. It reminds me of why I came to the city, offering up nostalgia and curiosity all in one. It reminds me that I’m here– in New York City– living out my dreams.

Flatiron building summer


Flatiron building fall


Flatiron building winter


Flatiron building spring



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    • Jenna Jenna May 24, 2016 / 8:08 pm

      Omg you’re the sweetest! Thank you :)

  1. Marcy October 7, 2016 / 1:40 am

    Love your pics babe!!! So stunning post and love this building.

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