My Hair These Days

My Hair These Days

Hi guys! Wanted to share an update on my hair routine these days. On the product front, everything I use is pretty affordable. The place where I always splurge is on my cut and color. Currently, I go to The Drawing Room in SoHo for both. They always leave me with the most natural looking highlights I’ve ever had!

My current routine is partial highlights (usually two different colors) about every four months with a glaze to get rid of any brassy color. I think the trick to stretching how long you can go before getting a touch up is asking for paper thin highlights so they blend nicely when it grows out, almost like an ombre effect. I also use this TIGI Purple Conditioner once every couple weeks or so to enhance my highlights and remove brassiness (I really like cool blonde tones).

As far as day to day hair care goes, I really try to keep things simple. I wash my hair every three days on average, usually blow drying and adding waves the first day, wearing second day curls the second, and clipping it half up or throwing it in a ponytail or bun the third day.

Washing my hair is such a chore for me because it’s super long right now and I really hate brushing it out and styling it. So when I do wash it, I want that effort to go a long way. The main priority is of course to remove excess oil, detangle, and add softness (my ends get pretty dry by day three).

For shampoo and conditioner, I’ve been using the new Orchid & White Truffle Collection from HASK. They’re formulated with orchid extract sourced from Belgium and white truffle from the South of France, both of which smell incredible and rehydrate my hair with strengthening proteins. After the first time using them, I noticed a difference. Before I even get out of the shower and I’m finishing rinsing out the conditioner, my hair feels so soft and manageable. Best of all, they’re free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors. They also sent me the deep conditioning treatment from the line which I use every couple of weeks to target extra dry areas like my ends.

Post shower, I swear by It’s a 10 and my wet brush for tackling tangles. Next, I blow dry then style my hair with a curling wand. I like my waves to look really natural, so I use large sections (about 4 per side) and alternate wrapping away from my face and towards my face so they look less perfect and don’t turn into one big curl. I always finish with this Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray. It adds a ton of volume and texture I think it works as well as more premium, expensive brands. Not to mention, it smells like the ocean.

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Thank you HASK for sending me a complimentary set of the new Orchid & White Truffle Collection for my honest review!


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