Day Trip to Dia: Beacon

Living in a city as busy, and sometimes downright exhausting as New York often leaves me itching for a getaway. Working and doing the whole ‘adulting’ thing full-time creates the illusion that I no longer have free time, and lately I’ve been falling into a bit of a routine with a bad case of the travel bug (next Europe trip, where you at?!). While an elaborate getaway isn’t in the cards for me this year, I still can’t shake the desire to get out and see new places in the world. Though wandering through NYC never really gets old, I decided to switch things up and head out to one of the most esteemed art establishments in the great state of New York. With my camera, some cash, and my go-to adventure gal in tow (hey, The Artfulist!), I boarded a train at Grand Central and headed to Dia:Beacon. In… View Post

Union Square Farmer’s Market with ThePeachBox

One of my favorite things about living in the city is waking up on a Saturday morning with no plans, and heading out to see what I stumble upon. One spot I always find myself gravitating towards is the Union Square Farmer’s Market, and this past weekend I saw it as the perfect excuse to buy myself some flowers and show off my new bracelets from ThePeachBox. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for peony season, and I’m equally obsessed with dreamy white dresses and tanks for summer. There’s just something so light and airy about a white sundress with a few gold accessories. In this post, I’m wearing my two favorite pieces from ThePeachBox collection– the Roman Empress Bangle and the Buckle Bangle, which I’ve been pairing together with a two-toned watch on my opposite arm. I always have a tough time with bracelets because my wrists are… View Post

Flatiron Feels

My first encounter with the Flatiron building was a brief stint during one of my summer visits in college. It stuck out at me, warranted a photo or two, and then I was on my way, not giving it another thought until instagramming it that evening and soon after letting it fade from my memory until my next NYC trip. Today, this building means so much more to me than I could’ve imagined. Not because of its beauty, obscure shape or notoriety,  but because it symbolizes a new chapter in my life– one full of every emotion imaginable. I moved to the city just one day prior to starting my first full time job, and barely got to see the light of day after moving into my apartment. The next morning, I woke excited– anxious, really. I mapped out my walk to work with plenty of time to account for getting lost, and finally… View Post

Get Lost in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Having visited 16 countries, people often ask me what my favorite place is. It’s tough to choose, but there’s one place that pops into my head every time, and that’s Plitvice Lakes National Park. This past summer, I traveled to this world-renowned national park in Croatia. Despite my pleas to go to the ever-popular Krka, my brother insisted on Plitvice. Well, I can whole-heatedly tell you I’m glad he persuaded me. Not that Krka isn’t beautiful, but Plitvice is entirely more epic in my opinion. The only con is you can’t swim at Plitvice like you can at Krka, but once you get there, you’ll appreciate the undisturbed beauty. Plitvice Lakes is something out of a movie. Every step feels like some sort of dream, with seemingly endless waterfalls cascading in every direction you look, even around your feet. This type of natural beautiful is something I’ve never experienced anywhere else,… View Post

The Blonde is Back: My Decision to Move to NYC

If you were to ask me a year ago if I believed in fate, I probably would’ve said no. Yet, here I am declaring the ultimate cliché: I officially believe in fate. You may have noticed that I took a hiatus from blogging. I really didn’t intend to take this long of a break from posting, but a lot has changed in the past six months. If you didn’t already know, I moved to New York City! I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through with a post explaining how I came to this decision (already cringing a little), but there are going to be some big changes over here on BWT and I really feel like I’d be cheating myself if I didn’t put it all out there. So back around the time I last posted, I was planning on moving to St. Petersburg to live with… View Post

What Not to Miss When Glamping in Marfa: Guest Post

This post was written by Molly O’Conner of the blog Molly on the Move! I’m a huge fan of her instagram, @_hot_tamolly_. If you love bright, colorful photos, you need to check her out! Anyway, I was super intrigued when I saw her posts about glamping in Marfa as I’d never heard of this Texas getaway spot before. Needless to say, I’m now dying to visit! Here are Molly’s top recommendations: When driving eight hours to an off-the-grid city in the middle of the Texas desert, remember to keep in mind that small towns don’t keep the same hours as any other city would. After a road trip with a stop at the Monahans Sandhills, my friend and I entered into the welcoming city of Marfa, Texas to discover that many places would not be open during our limited stay there. Luckily, we were able to snag a table at… View Post