Friday Favorites #1

I wanted to begin posting content that tells you a little bit more about me and what I love. So, I decided to start a weekly post called “Friday Favorites.” I pulled my inspiration from none other than the lovely Lauren Conrad, who I shamelessly idolize (maybe a little too much). Another blogger I look up to, Julie Fagan, creator of Peanut Butters Fingers and a UCF Kappa Delta alumni, posts “Things I’m Loving Friday” each week as well. Every Friday, I’ll be sharing five of my favorite things at the moment. I’m starting this week off with some of my MVP accessories and beauty essentials, but I plan to give each week a different spin. Here we go… 1. Naked 2 Palette— This is the only eye shadow I use anymore. It has the potential to create both daytime and evening looks. I primarily use it for a natural, everyday smokey eye but I’ve seen my… View Post

A Weekend in the Almafi Coast

Packing essentials and must-dos during your time in this Mediterranean paradise. I’ll admit it. I had never even heard of the Almafi coast when I began my semester in Florence. But after looking at a few photos of this beautiful stretch of coastline in Southern Italy, I was convinced I had to see it for myself. The Almafi coast is hands down the most photogenic place I’ve ever visited, making it one of my favorite weekend trips during my study abroad experience. So if you’re in the same shoes I was in and finally coming to terms with the fact that you need to visit the Almafi coast (like now!), here are some pointers for what to bring, see and do. Traveled from: Florence to the Almafi coast Arrived by: Bus Stayed at: Hotel Florida Visited: Positano, Capri, Anacapri, Pompeii What to bring: 1. Maxi dress—It’s easy to slip on over… View Post

Resort Review: Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Let me just get straight to the point— Banyan Tree Mayakoba is a dream. I just got back from my second trip to this resort, and once again I’m in awe. So naturally, I feel the need to share my experience with you all in my first resort review (more to follow!). So let’s take it from the top… Upon arrival, a staff member was waiting to greet us with these undeniably adorable handmade bracelets. We were then escorted to a lounge area where we were given the resort’s signature drink, chaya juice. I had been craving this since my last trip to Banyan Tree. The drink contains chaya (a Mayan green with numerous health benefits), spinach, celery, parsley, pineapple juice, orange juice and lemon juice. Next, it was off to our private villa where a complimentary bottle of wine was waiting to thank us for returning. I think it… View Post

Top 10 Rookie Study Abroad Mistakes

Your guide to avoiding the most common and overlooked slip-ups while spending a semester abroad. The semester I lived in Europe was without a doubt the best time I’ve spent in college. While I had more fun than I could’ve ever anticipated, I also made my fair share of slip-ups. Everyone is bound to make a handful of rookie study abroad mistakes. However, these are the ten you should try to avoid at all costs to ensure you have the most incredible experience possible. And if you’ve already studied abroad, hopefully you can look back and laugh when you realize you’ve made most of these yourself. 1. Not staying in youth hostels If you’ve never traveled abroad, the idea of staying in a hostel might seem a little scary (thank you, horror movies). But in all seriousness, it’s just the opposite. Not only will staying in hostels save you some major cash,… View Post

New Years [Travel] Resolutions

I’m not really one for resolutions — not because I don’t have a lot to work on, but because I’d rather just take things one day at a time. Instead, I’ve decided to take on my own form of resolutions and write down a list of places I hope to travel to in 2015. It’s been said that if you write down destinations you’d like to visit, you’re more likely to visit them. So in 2015, I’m putting that theory to the test. Now, here’s the thing… If I know anything about resolutions, it’s that they don’t always stick. People often set the bar too high or fall off track, and that’s ok! I’d be perfectly happy tackling just half of this list and letting some of these adventures roll over into 2016. And more than likely, I’ll have a few unexpected trips fall into my lap. The point of this list is… View Post