Tips for Traveling Light

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything packing related, and these posts remain to be my most popular, so I thought I’d get back to my roots! One thing I’ve learned during my travels, whether it be a month-long Europe trip or a long weekend getaway is how important it is to travel light. Not only is does it convenient and cost-effective, it’s just way more practical and less stressful. Anyhow, I suppose if you’re reading this, you’re already on board with my logic so I’ll get right to my tips for traveling light. Open that weather app This seems silly but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “I thought it was going to be cold, so I wore the same dress all week.” Check the forecast and check it again the day before you leave for your trip. Plan ahead The first thing… View Post

Natural Skin Care Favorites

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about anything beauty related, but lately I’ve been feeling really passionate about the natural products I’m using. While I used to be really obsessed with a shine-free matte look, I’m now all about hydrated skin with a little glow. There’s really no makeup that compares to having naturally healthy skin, and my new routine has made me so much more comfortable wearing minimal makeup and even going bare faced from time to time. Before I get into the products I’m loving, here’s a little background…  To be completely transparent, when I first moved to NYC in the heart of winter, my skin went ballistic and I truly felt hopeless. For starters, my skin was breaking out like crazy. I think the cause was a combination of stress from moving and starting a new job, and of course the polluted city-air (a far cry… View Post

My 10 Favorite New York Spots

Hey guys! I was recently tapped to provide my “NYC Hush Tips” for an amazing site called Behind The Scenes NYC. I dug really deep on this one, and wanted to share my Top 10 Favorite New York Spots with you all! If you want to check out the full article including commentary from the Fernanda, the incredible boss lady of Behind The Scenes NYC, check it out here. My 10 Favorite New York Spots: One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is pop into galleries in the LES and Chelsea. It’s a nice alternative to hitting up a crowded museum, plus they’re completely free to enjoy. David Zwirner, Paul Kasmin, and Richard Taittinger are a few of my go-tos. Brooklyn Flea is basically the cooler younger sister to Chelsea Market, There’s something for everyone, from vintage rings and designer bags to viney plants and eclectic home… View Post

Budapest Like A Local

This week, I decided to dig deep into my photo archives and revisit destinations I’ve yet to blog about. Though pictures on a screen don’t do Budapest justice, they rekindled that head over heels feeling this city gave me. Last summer, I spent three nights in Budapest with my dad and brother. From the moment I laid eyes on the Parliament Building, I was in awe. During the day, the contrast of the strong gothic architecture against the serene Danube River was enough to make me swoon, but as the day went on, I fell even more in love with it. Viewing the building from Fisherman’s Bastion (on the Buda side) was one of the highlights of my visit, but seeing it completely lit up in gold at night while birds resembling shooting stars danced above it truly took my breath away. My time spent in Budapest was hardly enough… View Post

Moab Memories

Utah has always been a place I’ve had a soft spot for. My aunt and uncle have lived there since I was little, and as a FL girl I always wanted to visit during the winter to play in the snow and go skiing. But this summer, I got to see a completely different side of Utah — one that completely and utterly took my breath away. Starved for a change of pace from the demands of city life, I packed my bags, grabbed my favorite gal, and headed out west without the slightest hesitation. After touching down in Salt Lake, we made home in the coziest little RV I’ve ever been in (ok, the only one I’ve been in). The Wildcat was equipped with a bathroom, shower, kitchen and plenty of booze to make my uncle’s signature Moscow mules — glamping at its finest! After an unbelievably scenic drive,… View Post

A Love Letter to Brooklyn

It’s crazy to think my first anniversary of living in New York is already creeping up on me. Trips from Florida to visit my best friend feel like they were just yesterday; my first time walking the Brooklyn Bridge within reach. In hindsight, I definitely took Brooklyn for face value on our first date. Notable sights like the bridge and promenade lured me in, but I had no idea of the adventures that would soon unfold. I’m still peeling back Brooklyn’s layers to this day, each more intriguing than the last. I wish I could go back to my first time walking the Brooklyn Bridge and give myself a little preview of the memories I’d make: rooftop sunsets in Williamsburg; eating my weight in ramen burgers at smorgasburg; wandering aimlessly through dumbo and taking home [too many] overpriced succulents from Brooklyn flea; Sunday afternoons lounging in Prospect Park; filling up… View Post